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Expert brickwork pointing & re-pointing in Preston, Blackpool, Blackburn, Southport and all of Lancashire.

Brick Pointing

Well pointed brickwork gives a property or garden wall a better appearance and appeal, as well as providing vital protection against the elements.
All too often, a well built brick or stone wall can be spoilt by well- meaning but inexpert attempts at pointing with the result that costly re-pointing of the whole job is required to put things right.

Our expert pointing service gets the job done right first time at an affordable price and with a high quality finish to be proud of.
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We use a variety of traditional and specialist mortars and can offer a range of colours and finishes. We are also experts in pointing with lime mortar for older buildings or walls without cavities. All of which adds up to a complete solution to suit all tastes and protect all properties!

Brickwork Re-pointing

Re-pointing is the process of removing damaged or deteriorated mortar from the joints of the wall and replacing it with appropriate new mortar.

Usually required to resolve damp problems or sometimes purely for aesthetic reasons, re-pointing will give walls a new lease of life and provide a long term and cost effective means of weatherproofing as well as smartening up and adding value to a property.

The process requires the careful removal of old mortar with a grinder or other suitable tool followed by washing out the joints to remove all dust. The new mortar is then applied using a tool appropriate to the finished profile required. Although it is not always possible to get a perfect colour match with the original mortar, we try very hard to get as close as we can.

Cavity Wall Tie Replacement

Wall ties, especially the old mild steel type, can corrode and fail over time, reducing the structural integrity of the outer skin of your cavity wall.

Symptoms such as a bulging or bowing wall cannot be ignored for too long as the problem is definitely not going to go away!

We can replace or install new stainless steel wall ties which will not be subject to corrosion like their mild steel forerunners and which will restore structural integrity to your wall.

Brickwork Repairs

Brickwork repairs are required when bricks are spalled, which happens over time when water in the bricks freezes and weathering removes the subsequently damaged surface. Repairs may also be required where mechanical damage, often on corners, has occurred.

The damaged bricks are carefully cut out and replaced with bricks that match the existing wall. The area is then pointed with mortar to match the surrounding area, restoring the appearance of your property and the weather protection of your wall.